June 27, 2009



Michael Jackson

There is an old saying bad news travel in 3’s, the elderly, the sick and the unexpected, well in one week: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.
was never my hero, Sinatra, well hubby is a fan! so that would make Mr Sinatra, "Mr Corny", in my book ;-) but Michael…. Let me tell you about MJ.
To you Michael

Lately, we could not understand you
We did not recognize you
Nevertheless, you made us laugh

You made us think
You made us dance
You made us sing
We know that fame comes usually with a price!!!

But somehow, we have learned to separate the art from the artist
You were our Frankenstein
You have broken every barrier
You gave us 40 years of magical entertainment
We stayed up at midnight for the release of your newest videos, so we could have a glimpse of the latest dance moves, you revolutionized fashion, style, looks, culture.
We were in a “State of shock” when we heard the news
What came first to mind is the fact that for years you “Knock me off my feet”
Especially "The way you make me feel"
You really "Turn me on" and "My lonely days are gone”
Because You taught us:
That “We are the World”
And to “Make the world a better place" ,… “For you and for me and the entire human race” “Don’t stop 'till you get enough"
You taught us to take a look at: “The Man in the Mirror”
That Life is “Dangerous”
Not to just stand “Off the Wall”
But to at least try to “Beat it”
That Life should be our “Thriller”
Because we should never see the world as “Black or White”
And that “The World is mine”
Although it can be “Bad, u know it”
“What about us”

Now more than ever we “Wanna rock with you”
And “Will u be there"
No, you are gone we can only “Remember”.

The Michael I want to remember, is/was the best performer of the last 3 generations.
Our King of Pop

Farewell Michael Jackson...

Thank you for the music.
May you rest in peace!
You are still alive in our memory forever
May god accept you ...
Good Bye.........

Gina Sainvil
Arusha, Tanzania
June 27, 2009

Onè respè pou li
Lanmou pou li
Bondye papa, Padone li...
Kòman ta fè blye w la...
Pa p jan m blye w la
(Rock Fanm, June 2008)

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  1. How could anyone not acknowledge the magic Michael Jackson brought to our lives? Regardless of the controversies that surrounded him and how different or even weird he looked during the past decade and a half or so, MJ always managed to redirect our attention and mesmorize us with his pure and inspiring talent. MJ was part of the day as I grew up. He made his mark in our childhood, adolescence and even our adulthood. MJ touched a lot of people in subtle ways and he deserves credit for the memories he helped create in our lives. MJ is timeless and ageless and that is a simple truth. He will be missed...